OPEL v10  

OPEL v10
The current version of the OPEL vehicle diagnostics is designed for vehicles from 1994 to 2015.
The software supports diagnostics of petrol / diesel engines, ABS / ASR / ESP, airbags, automatic gearboxes, air conditioning, dashboard and many other comfort systems (Immobilizer, BCM, CDM, SRM, DDM, EPS, PDM, , Information display, CIM, EHU, REC, UEC, SLM, Service functions, CAN-BUS info).

Diagnostics for the entire model range:

Agila A / Agila B
Astra F / Astra G / Astra H / Astra J
CalibraCombo C / Combo D
Corsa A / Corsa B / Corsa C / Corsa D / Corsa E
Frontera A Frontera B
Kadett E
Meriva A / Meriva B
Movano A / Movano B
Omega A / Omega B
Senator B
Tigra A / Tigra B
Vectra A / Vectra B / Vectra C / Signum
Vivaro A
Zafira A / Zafira B / Zafira C

Gasoline engines:

Supported systems:

ME 3.11 C
M 1.5 / M 1.5.2 / M 1.5.4
M 2.5 / M 2.7 / M 2.8 / M 2.8.1 / M 2.8.3
ME 7.6.x / ME 7.9.9 / ME7.9.10 / ME7.9.10 CNG
M1.5.5 / ME1.5.5
ML 4.1
Motorola TRIO 8C
MED 9.6.1
MS 56.0 / MS 56.5 / MS 71 / MS 71.5 / MS 71.6 / MS 75 / MS 81
MT 35 E
MULTEC F / H / S / SZ / ZE / ZE160

Supported diagnostic features:

reading / deleting faults
System Parameters
Action members
Additional features (a specific list of functions depends on the controller)
Lambda Probe Adaptation
Determination of idling
Reset engine oil data
Reset Adaptation Correction Correction
Reinstall the injector
Reset the air balance sensor
Intake of intake air, valve learning
Crankshaft position, reluctor wheel learning
Turbocharger, learning
Flywheel, learning
Catalyst, reset
Reset Fuel Injection

Diesel engines:

Supported systems:

Decorations 01
Decoree 3.0
DDE 2.1
EDC15C3 / EDC15C7 / EDC15C4 / EDC15M
EDC16 / EDC16C39
EDC17 / EDC17C19 / EDC17C59
Magneti Marelli 6JO2 / 6F3 / 8F3
Multijet 602/603 / 6J0
PSG 16

Supported diagnostic features:

reading / deleting faults
System Parameters
Action members
Additional features (a specific function list depends on the controller):
Reset the fuel pressure sensor
Reset lambda probe
Reset pre-catalytic converter
Resetting the diesel engine particle filter
Reset differential pressure sensor
Reset the air mass sensor
Reset the fuel pump
Injector calibration
Injector programming
Recovering the DPF filter
Resetting injectors
Learning function for clutch
Valve features intake manifold, learning
Learning, Fuel Pressure Regulator, HO2S
EGR valve, learning
Reset engine oil data


Supported diagnostic features:

reading / deleting faults
System Parameters
Action members
Additional features
Calibration of sensors (pitch, steering wheel angle, brake pressure)
Bleeding the Brake System (EBCM)

Supported diagnostic features:

reading / deleting faults
System Parameters
Action members
Additional features (these features support some controllers: SDM44 / MRSZ)
Clear the recorded impact

Comfort systems:

Air conditioning
The BCM - Body Computer Module
CDC - Continous Dumping Control
Navigation (Global Positioning System)
Sliding Roof Module (SRM)
Left Door Left Door Electronics (DDM - Drivers Door Module)
Power steering
Right front door electronics (PDM - Passenger Door module)
Tire Pressure Monitoring (TPMS)
Parking Assistant
UHP Phone - Mobile Phone Portal
Information Display (TID)
Information display (GID / CID - Graphic / Color info display)
Info Display (DIS)
CIM (Column Intergration Module)
Entertainment Head Unit (EHU)
Rear electric center (REC)
El. Center of Engine Space (UEC - Underhood Electrical Center)
Shift Lever Module (SLM)
Digital Audio Broadcast (DAB)
Headlamp Leveling Device (AHL / AFL)
Electro Heating System (EHS)
Service functions - Reset service intervals
CAN-BUS info

Supported diagnostic features:

reading / deleting faults
system parameters
test action members
additional features
Example of additional functions across comfortable systems:

Coupling Bleed (Transmission System)
Programming transmission parameters (transmission system)
Clutch touch point adaptation (transmission system)
Transmission Adaptive Data Reset (Transmission System)
Basic Neutral Position (Transmission System)
Repeated prompting and deleting service messages (dashboard system)
Basic settings of the HVAC control system (air conditioning system)
Calibrating the HVAC controller (air conditioning system)
Stepper motor calibration (air conditioning system)
Park Assist Sensor Test (Park Assist System)
Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Reset (SAS)
Activating the parking brake (parking brake system)
Release the parking brake (parking brake system)
Parking brake service (parking brake system)
Calibration of parking brake (parking brake system)
Calibration of steering wheel angle (power steering system)
Calibration of the rack angle sensor - reset (IMU)
Calibration of the swap angle sensor - command (IMU)
Battery Sensor Module Learning (BCM)
Brake Pedal Angle Sensor (BCM)
Clear learned window values ​​(BCM)
Fuel Pump Reset (FSCM)
Headlamp Level Sensor Calibration (AFL / AHL)
Learning of tire pressure monitoring (RFA system)

Cables needed:

  • TS02/056 OBD MUX
  • TS02/004 OPEL Multec 2
  • TS02/014 OPEL Motronic, Multec 1, ABS