OBDII and its European variant E-OBD is a standardized diagnostics of cars and their emission systems. This diagnostics can be used to diagnose engine controllers of all European, Japanese and American cars.

This program meets the requirements for reading emission data for SME measurement stations, according to the new legislation valid from 1.1.2016

The program includes special features created for SMEs. These functions can easily and quickly obtain all the necessary data from the motor control units needed to measure emissions.

The module allows diagnostics of European, American and Japanese cars according to the following standards

ISO14230 (KWP2000)
SAE J1850
ISO15765 CAN
ISO27145 CAN
In the US, this system has been in place since 1995, and has been in force in Europe since 2000 for all newly sold cars, including Japanese and American production.

The program supports all nine modes:

Actual parameters
Operating conditions
Fault memory
Resetting diagnostic data
Lambda Probe Test
System test
Random faults
Test components a
Control unit information
Required connecting cables:

TS02 / 056 OBD cable MUX
Any OBD cable (eg TS02 / 031 E-OBD cable) is sufficient for diagnosing all European and most Japanese E-OBD vehicles.